Wednesday, February 3, 2010

But first

I have to hit the head. I forgot I put some selves in there too. Hey square inches.

And off to the beach

This has been fun. but farmers market is going on in OB soooo Sea ya!
Oh heres the saloon!

The Saloon

I like saloon so much better then the salon.

Better boats and gardens

It's been a bit slow around here. So I figured I'd remodel Libby a tad. You know, make her fit my needs a little more. I moved the inverter under a cabinet. And ran a plug to the center of the boat. Built another shelf on both sides of the V-berth. And a computer staion that folds out of the way!! Also built shelfs on both side of the saloon. Making sure that full sized bottles fit. my Brother turned me on to a TV. So I built a swingy thing that lets me watch it from both the salon and my berth. It's all so cool I don't want to leave!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just thinking

Ya know how trailer parks get hit by tornadoes all the time?
Sailor park ?? Hummm?

That was fun

We just at thru 5 days of WTF? If was crazy here. Boats going off the hook, dinks sinking like peddles in the fall. Wind? 65+, steady 25. Great fun !
It sure was good to see everyone alive and well. Tighting up their boats. Raising dinks, getting everything back in order. 5 days straight hole up, kinda does something to ya. I was talking with friends on the dink dock and noticed no had shaved and all where a bit thinner. Even though we where holed up we all kinda watched out for each other. So it was fun to hear "Holley shit dude your boat was keel out on some of those waves". "Yea I know ! My coffee pot went flying!". "Did you see Stano cut the dinks free?" "Yea they wear beating against his boat bad" " I know he went all Davey Crockett on those lines." And on and on the storeys flowed. I'm sure the story's will be bigger tomorrow. That's what living on the waters all aboat.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

With sun

Another one during a break

Ahh sunny SD

Yea right!! We've bee getting slammed by a band of storm systems that are beating the crap out of the mooring field. Most last night the winds where 15 and from the SE so at least we could sleep. When the winds come from the S or SW it has time to create some nice sized storm waves. We've seen 50 knots a few times this storm that has lasted 3 or 4 days now. Lost of sunken dingys and a few sunken boats. Those boats ha vent seen human life for awhile and that's what happens. As for Libby she's holding up pretty good only spilled one Sailor Jerry so far. I'll have to be more carefull cause theres no way we can get to the dock just yet.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heres a tip

Never mind those towels and cups for your bucket bath. I watched some lads clean some stone today. "Blink" Heck yea!! The ole tile sponge!! What was I thinking?!!
They hold so much water. Ya just squeeze it over you head and your soaked!!! Let alone the (luffa? I'm a guy) feeling!! Damn I hope Home Depot doesn't get wind of this. They will for sure raise the price from 1.20 to 5.00.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Wow what a great Holiday. My daughter came to see me. Yes we painted the carpet! Had a killer time X-Mas with the locals. Even saw parking spots!! Crashed my bike riding with Sailor Jerry and Adam. New Years. Killer dinner with Justin and the Rippin Ms A. Sailing Windley with brother B. What a whirl wind! It's gona take till February to get my head straight again. Yea right!! I even worked today. No really.. all day! It was a rush I think I kind of even liked it. As you can tell I'm an over achiever. Most folks are already back in the cube. Working their little hearts out and I'm just now pulling out of a dayz. I like being me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Look what I got

Merry Christmas,
The Santa dude dropped off one of the prettiest morning's Ive seen here!! All for me. I knew I've been a good boy but I never expected anything this grand!!
Last night I was all hummm oh well may as well go to bed. My daughters at her mum's. But then in true boater fashion a friend went rowing by and we went over to MC's boat. It was a friend Adams Birthday so we all walked up to San Diego's oldest pub. to Celebrate the Birth of both. None of us went off the deep end but had a lot of fun. Then as I'm crawling out of the dink another Boat buddy came by for a quick howdie and a tip. Finally safe on board I'm all crawling into my flannels to wait for Santa, and I get a call from a landlubber friend. " hey what ya doing how come your not here for the party?" I'm like what party? "the one we have every year ahole get over here" Im all "huh? shit! Bike downtown? in my pajamas?" "yea, Kitos get yer ass over here now!" I declined because I could tell they had reach the edge of the dock and where getting ready to go deep. has much as I'm bummed I missed them I'm stoked I feel great today. I'm sneaking up to the burbs and kidnapping my daughter tonight. After I totally fill myself on Grandma's cooking. I was invited so I'm going! but first I have to scrub this little tub up for company. We will probably sail tomorrow and pull into Captain Morgans port in the afternoon. I can't wait. I love spending time with Ashy. She's a free spirit just like her Pop.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Party

Last night I was invited to a Hoboater Christmas Party. One of the gals here has a boat and a house. And she invited a few of us over for drinks and food. Very nice indeed. It has been over a month or so since I've been in a HOUSE. And maybe longer for some of the others. Yes, switch's that made light, another one that made heat. Ceilings you can't touch, a strange box in one of the rooms with cold stuff in it another made things hot. The same room had a bucket in the counter with a knob that produced hot water. And big doors, lots of em. There was another room that had a bucket and a lever on the side that made the water swirl around and disappear, then new water came back in. It had these things on the wall that had some dude living in it, he scared me. She also had a hole in the wall that had fire in it. One room had a cot big enough to put 5 people in it. This house had huge hatches with screens. It even had a mini house attached to the back with a bunch of stuff in it. I think we where a bit over whelmed. Because we all ended up hanging outside an awful lot. Boaters, go figure.
It's the simple things we some times take for granted.
Merry Christmas !!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diego style

Most of you know how to stay warm. This is how I do it. Besides the blood thinner. Propane heater 25 dalla. 2.95 a can. I don't turn it on unless things start turning blue.
Candles, amazing how they cut the chill. Slippy's and flannel. Put them all together and your one toastie, happy guy. Tricks to liven aboard.
Yes we draw on the carpet here. Why knot?

Just because Im bored

I'm still bouncing around and well.... Kinda bored. To tell you the truth the last 2 hours where great!! My daughters in town !! (power arm thingy). She was kidnapped and that's cool. It kinda sucks out here tonight anyway. He res another whooopie.. 15 knot shot of this morning. Sure wish I had camera battery's last week. Now that would have made Whooweeetube. And if you don't own rubber bottomed slippers your a weirdo. I left Jenny running while I biked to the airport. Yea I worried a bit. But all was well when I returned and now I don't have to listen to it. To risky? What do you think? On an other note maybe someone can tell me how to tag with out dragging up all the old shit. Whats with that huh? FBI CIA ? Are they watching? Neener neener if they are. Bet they wish they was me. Opps spilled again. Damn 15 knots

15 knots

It's only blowing 15 out, It feels like Im moving 5 knots. But nope I'm just tring to make coffee. Some times this is a real pain in the ol hole e o. Braa haha